The client requirement was four executions. The brief is all about sex - in an appropriate BMW tone. There was one word: dynamic, that pretty-well summed-up the vehicle. If one wrote with that in mind, then you’re on the money. The 3 series is entry level to the brand with an understandable male skew in demographics. Media: The Australian newspaper and BRW magazine.  
  BMW 3  
BMW 4 

  A play on all those foreign-made cars with slightly fish-eyed rear vision mirrors that make everything seem so far away. Where better to place a vehicle of the future? We shot this on the road to Jenolan caves. Funny thing was, the racy-looking concept car from Hyundai had no engine and had to be pushed everywhere.   Hyundai  

  This account is the Optus of Singapore. The brief was basically, you can talk for ages and it’s cheap as chips. The media was hallways, foyers and receptions in Singapore hotels. Now, what person on this earth, who has ever had a relationship, can’t relate to this ad?    


The brief was portability. You can take these little chappies anywhere. The media was metrolights as well as bus back and sides. I thought about all the amazing places one can take Le Snak. Most of my concepts contained some sort of bag or carrying device. It was only when I went to Myer and had a good look at the luggage department that I noticed on some bags a shark-like teething. Then I started imaging whales as well as deep sea creatures and then hey-presto.

      Uncle Tobys 2  


The demographics were pimply 14-year-olds. Media, 6-sheet posters. The brief was quite simple: hunger. The model-maker was a guy in Wollongong. Over a period of a couple of weeks, he would jpeg me his interpretation of my ‘roughs’, but they were dark and kinda scary. Through exhaustion, I drew on my experience as a cartoonist as well as a fan of Mad magazine and drew a bit more. This, I asked him to follow to the letter. The final result seemed to be bang-on.

  Twisties AD  


Brief: fat free. Media: New Woman. Can you think of a more precise part of a woman’s body where she wouldn’t want to add weight? The pretzel fits in harmony with the cossie and, I think, is a lovely execution of the product demonstrating its proposition. 

  Pretzels 1  
      Pretzels 2  

  Just a little poster headline guaranteed to get the passer-by's attention.   Need More Animals  

  There is a small church in the North-Eastern outskirts of Melbourne. It’s a very different type of church, even the singer leading the worship was an ex-prostitute. They wanted some small-space ads to run in the local paper that would help them stand out. They stood out.  
  Church 2  

  Demographically, this is very much male-only territory.
Which probably explains that whenever I have shown this ad to a female they don't get it - unless, in the rarest of cases, they drive a manual.
  FAI 1000, Channel 10  


This was for the Aria Rock Awards brochure - shown on Channel Ten. It’s paying homage to that old gag that says you’re not a real rocker until you can smash-up your instrument. We shot it in the old hall inside Bondi Primary School. The budget was so tight that we used the son of one of my best mates and Suzie, Clemenger’s celebrated receptionist of more than 20 years.

  Mrs Klug!  

  The real estate client wanted some A1 posters to friendly-up the passing motorists outside several of his shops. The agent is in Melbourne, which explains the anti-Sydney sentiment.  
  McGorlick Real Estate 1  
  McGorlick Real Estate 2  


The media was a truckload of women / mother magazines. The line just managed to scrape just under the pun-radar. Fortunately, I didn’t have to suffer my art director’s agony of waiting endlessly for the talent to get the shot right. On the other hand, the clients were fantastic - miss you guys.

  Huggies 1  

  Huggies 2  

  Shopping centre advertising for Michel's Patisserie  
  Michelle's Patisserie Shopping Centre Ad  

  Shot at the top of Mount St, North Sydney. It’s all about overcoming.   Fedex  

  You can have fun writing lines for tourism. And P & O are all about fun.  
  P & O  
  P and O  
  P & O 2  

  These tray sheets weave a yarn outlining part of the Michel’s Patisserie journey. How much better, while you’re guzzling yummy coffee and cake, View the detail here.  
  Michelle's AD  

  There's nothing special about these ads. It's just a little evidence this writer can write.   South Australia 1  


  Aust Technology  

  Here is an example of some recent strategic thinking. View the detail in PDF here.  


Recently, I've been involved in a substantial amount of financial and property development work.


View the detail here


View the detail here


View the detail here


  View the detail here.  
  Innova Way  

  In another life I was a cartoonist for News Limited. I spent a few years working on the Telegraph and The Australian. In this gag, Bob Hawke and John Elliott were arguing over social services. Drawing cartoons was a great apprenticeship for advertising - if my work didn't engage in seconds, the reader turned the page.  
  The Australian